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he success of a company can be described in many words or with a few figures: more than 50 locations world-wide,

 employing around 14,400 people and recording about 2.5 billion EUR sales in 2011 (compared with 2.18 billion EUR 

in 2010 and 1.67 billion EUR in 2009) - not only making Mann-Filter a 'global player', but also a true champion in 

all filtration-related areas.

Certificates: Confirmation of the highest quality standards

Striving for excellence is a core corporate value at MANN+HUMMEL. The quality of our products is a crucial factor for

the company success. Mann – Filter management system ensures that they meet and indeed exceed the quality required by

their customers. Internationally recognized independent certifications highlight this competence.

The MANN-FILTER product range

Any use. Any vehicle. Any time.

Air Filter  Under the bonnet of modern vehicles, ever more space is required for electronics, new technical components 

and safety technology. Air filters must adapt to this development – and in doing so meet ever greater demands from the 

automobile industry with regard to separation efficiency, flame protection and length of service interval. 

MANN-FILTER is responding to this development with innovative air filter systems, which are perfectly adapted in form

 and function to the widest possible range of installation situations. After all, an air filter does not necessarily 

have to be rectangular. Our engineers will develop completely individual, alternative designs to enable installation 

in particular conditions. Trapezium-shaped air filters or tapered oval filters are two examples of making optimum use 

of the available installation space. Another example is the MANN-FILTER air filter with stepped filter surface. 

The stepped arrangement increases the filter surface considerably and improves the filter capacity.

In order to cope with all applications, MANN-FILTER air filters are available in hundreds of different designs and sizes.

 Oil Filter

By choosing MANN-FILTER spin-on oil filters, you get first-class quality and problem-free handling. The housing and

 filter element of the spin-on filter form a perfectly coordinated unit, which is fully replaced during maintenance.

MANN-FILTER's extensive technical expertise becomes particularly evident when you see the special features included 

with each filter type:

Return stop valve: ensures that the filter and oil channels do not empty when the engine is switched off and that 

oil is readily available when the engine is started.

Bypass valve: ensures that oil is available when the engine is cold started or when the service interval has been 

significantly exceeded and the oil filter is very dirty.

Release devices: enable quick and easy removal of the spin-on oil filter.

Fuel Filter

Modern high performance injection systems place high demands on the quality and purity of fuel. MANN-FILTER fuel 

filters ensure that dirt particles and any water contained in the fuel do not damage the engine.

MANN-FILTER fuel filters are also adapted to the high demands of sensitive injection assemblies, as well as the 

specific properties of alternative fuels, for example biodiesel. By using extremely fine filter media, the fuel

is reliably freed of undesirable dirt particles. Our filters protect injection systems against wear and corrosion 

and thus help maintain the smooth running of the entire engine. An effect which is also positively reflected in the 

maintenance costs.

There are different types of MANN-Filter fuel filters:

Spin-on filter

Housing and filter element as a compact unit.

Inline filter

Perfectly integrated into the fuel line.

Filter elements

Full performance with reduced waste.

Cabin Air Filter

Poor quality air makes you tired, irritates your eyes and respiratory tract. Cabin air filters from MANN-FILTER

 ensure improved comfort and fresh air in your car, as they almost completely free the air entering the vehicle

 of dust, pollen, soot and other pollutants – precisely those substances which are causing health problems for 

more and more people – especially asthmatics and those with allergies.

Like all filters, however, MANN-FILTER cabin air filters also have to be changed regularly. As a general rule, 

they should be serviced at one-year intervals or after every 15,000 km travelled. Misty windows, a stuffy cabin

 and a malfunctioning air conditioning system are also sure signs that replacement is necessary. 

Next time you are changing your cabin air filter, play it safe and choose a patented high-tech filter from MANN-FILTER. 

Our products are a perfect fit and of verified original equipment quality. Detailed installation instructions mean that 

assembly is quick and easy. MANN-FILTER cabin air filters are available in two versions:

Other Filters

Even more useful products from the MANN-FILTER range

Special tasks. Special solutions.

In addition to the standard filters for air, oil, fuel and cabins, our range also includes filters for numerous other


Drying agent boxes

For dehumidification and cleaning of compressed air – especially in commercial vehicles.

Cooling water filters

To protect coolant circulation systems.

PreLine® fuel prefilter system

Removes water from diesel fuel and protects the main filter.

Transmission oil filters

For clean transmission oil, a long service life and secure switching processes.


Reliably clean the engine oil via the bypass method, removing even the smallest solid particles, such as dust,

 abraded metal and soot, with extremely high separation efficiency.

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